Recreational Cycling Coaching

In the 11 years that I have been riding my bike, I have found cycling to be one of the things I am most passionate about in life and love where the bike takes me to and what all I get to see in the world ON MY BIKE! The most amazing scenery one could ever experience happens on a bike. The bike, besides bringing wonderful happiness and passion to enrich our lives, it also brings to Us another tool of exercise that is quite euphoric! No wonder so many people love riding a bike!

I have found in all my years of riding, and racing, the people who need the most help from a coaching standpoint are recreational cyclists. I have been asked many questions throughout my years of cycling about things like: "how do I know when to get out of the saddle and for how long?", "How do I shift gears while riding in my drops and when do I shift gears? ", "How do I know which gearing to use on different hills and terrain and how do I learn varying techniques and positions for riding my bike In order to be the most efficient cyclist, all while having fun? "How do I ride with groups and how do I learn the skills required to ride with groups?"

When I first start working with a recreational rider, we go on a bike ride of their choice, and i just ride with them, looking at their position on their bike, how their bike fits them, etc. I make recommendations based on what I see, and then we go from there. I see how they ride on the flats, short hills, Long Hills, sustained climbs, etc. and I make suggestions as to the position they should ride in and gearing they should choose as we are riding all these varying terrain. It can be as simple as me telling them what gear to be in what position to be on in and for how long and then what position to change into and gearing to change into as we ride over varying terrain. I also have them work on varying cadence and effort drills as well as attacks, sprinting, power efforts, pace lining, descending skills, and skills it requires and ride with other people and in groups.

I basically teach them to have more tools in the toolbox for bike riding, as well as how to ride better by yourself but also how to ride better, with other people and groups. These are all skills that need to be learned. I also teach skills for descending, pack riding, pace lining, sprinting, attacking etc. yes, recreational riders need to learn these things to because you never know when you're riding with a group of friends and somebody attacks you OR you are the one who attacks them because you want to get to the top of the hill first? It's always fun to be competitive.

Then I'll give them certain drills to work on based on what areas I see are weaknesses that they need to improve home. and I'll give them efforts and specific drills to do while on the ride. Of course I'm correcting them while we ride this whole time. So I basically im personal training them on the bike.

I also have people say to me,: "I just want to be faster on my bike so I can beat my friends in the local century, or get up squaw pass or high grade faster, "i just don't want to be the last person that gets dropped riding in our group of friends". "I also don't want to be completely exhausted in the middle of the ride either." This is why teaching a recreational cyclist all the different techniques and positions you can ride your bike with varying weather, temp, and wind conditions is SO important! Life changing! It allows you to maintain speed, maintain covering distances at a certain speed without getting dropped, Having many position and techniques to ride your bike on all the different kinds of terrain out there on these Colorado at nationwide roads. The body needs to be able to recover certain muscles while other ones are being used and vice versa. And being able to change bike position and change technique and change different cadences and different positions on the bike, helps keep your body fresh and helps keep those muscles that Are working, working! All this keeps fatigue at bay and FULL GAS at large!

Everyone loves the feeling of beating their friends or competitors on any type of terrain whether it's a Hillclimb, Sprint to a stop sign, lead pack that you didn't get dropped from, the list goes on. And then there's STRAVA, which takes it up a whole new level! A few new levels! Everyone likes a reason to compete and likes to show off to their friends, but they also like to compete against themselves and like to see that there times are improving, they're getting more PR's etc. These are results that tells them that they are getting faster.

Bikes are like well manicured high-octane sports cars. You're not going to drive a car like that at one speed on one terrain. You're going to use all the cool gadgets and gizmos and toys that car is made with. Same thing on a bike. It just takes someone to show you how to use all those toys and gadgets and gizmos to go faster but also how to a have more fun and That is one thing I do. I'm here to teach you how to get the most efficient riding out of your bike as well as the most efficient, aero dynamic , etc.